General options

General options

Paint in selection

Limits the model to draw inside the currently selected area.

Force symmetry

Forces the image to be vertically symmetrical.

Force symmetry for the rotate tool

For the rotation tool force symmetry has the following effect, it:

  • Forces the south and north images to be vertically symmetrical.
  • Forces the west and east images to be each other's mirror images.

Remove background

When using, the model will genrate images with transparent backgrounds.

Gray background guidance weight

Some models will let the user guide the gray background generation that is used by the model to remove the background and create transparent images.

Pixel art style guidance weight

Weakly controls how much the generated image feels like pixel art.


The seed of the model's random number generator. Reusing the same seed will, if only small changes to other options are made, provide very similar output. To have a random seed, use the value 0. This option is only visible when advanced options is checked.

Output method

  • New layer with changes: The output is added to a new layer.
  • Modify current layer: The ouput is added to the currently selected layer. If an init image is used it will be modified.
  • New frame: A new frame is created for the output.