Skeleton Animation

Skeleton Animation

The skeleton animation tool is used for better control over animating your character. You can use inpainting and init images to better control the output of the model. The skeleton you create, you can save as images/aseprite files and reuse for your other characters just make sure that they are in the "Pose - PixelLab" layer.

Accepted canvas sizes are 128x128, 64x64, 32x32 and 16x16. It is recommended to have a canvas size that is best fit for the character/object you wish to animate.

Recommended workflow:

  1. set your character as reference image by clicking on "Set reference image".
  2. Set view and direction which fits your character and click "Estimate skeleton".
  3. Click on "Show template preview" and edit the sliders so the skeleton matches your character in size and placement.
  4. Select a template want, Insert skeleton.
  5. Click on "Edit skeleton" and drag the skeleton points to make adjustments to the skeleton.
  6. Once you are happy with your skeleton, position yourself on the first frame of the skeleton and click generate.
  7. Do very rough manual fixes.
  8. Generate new frames using the roughly fixed frames as init images. Use inpainting to freeze the parts that you do not want changed.
  9. Repeat from 6 and gradually increase the init image strength as you get closer to what you want.



  • Guidance weight of the original image



Init image