The Animation tool allows you to generate 4 animation frames that depict various types of animations for a character.

It allows you to condition the creation on an existing character images:

  • Condition on a single idle character and generate 3 animation frames.
  • Condition on 3 animation frames and create a single new frame that better matches the flow of the animation.
  • Condition on images in first and last position and generate 2 frames between that interpolate the animation.

Recommended workflow:

  1. Use an existing reference image where the character is looking in the same direction as you want it to look during the animation
  2. (Optional) Modify an existing animation as a rough init image. Try to color match approximately with the reference image.
  3. Select a simple action prompt like "run" or "jump".
  4. Generate 3 new frames from the reference image a few times. Pick out the frames you like and reorder them appropriately to create a convincing animation.
  5. Do rough manual fixes to the frames.
  6. Generate new frames using the roughly fixed frames as init images. Use inpainting to freeze the parts that you do not want changed.
  7. Repeat from 4 and gradually increase the init image strength as you get closer to what you want.

This is demonstrated here in a tutorial showing how to create a running animation using a template:

Tutorial on how to create walking animation without a template:

Attack animations

Recommended workflow for attack animations:

Generating attack animations works similiar to generating movement with the exception that if you want to create large special effects, it is recommended to move your character to the side of the canvas so the model has more space to create special effects.

Here you can find a demo of generating attack animations:


  • Number of reference images
  • Guidance weight of the original image.




Init image


Extra demos

Note that these demo videos are from an earlier version of the animation tool that was weaker when it did not support inpainting.