Installation instructions

Installation instructions

Download the extension

After having subscribed there will be a button to download the PixelLab extension from your account page.

Get Aseprite

Make sure you have the latest Aseprite (minimum version is v1.3). The trial version does not allow plugins.

Aseprite is open source but it is not allowed to be redistributed. There are multiple ways to get it, you can for example:

Install the extension

First, open Aseprite. From the menu bar, go to,

Edit > Preferences

Choose extensions in the list to the left, then click on "Add Extension" and locate the .zip file you downloaded in the first step.

The preferences window with the extensions tab selected

Allow file and internet access

After finishing the steps above restart Aseprite and you should be prompted to give the plugin access to a file called package.json and internet access via websockets.

The plugin requires access to these and if you want the auto-update function to work you also need to give the plugin "full trust" so that it can overwrite itself in the future.

File accessWebsocket access

Finish the installation

You should now see a new window, the PixelLab menu. If you don't see the window or if you accidentally closed it, you can open it from the menu bar,

Edit > PixelLab > Open plugin

or by pressing,

ctrl + space + p.

The PixelLab menu