Guidance options

Guidance options


A short description of what the tool should generate.

Negative description

A description of what should not be in the generated image. Can sometimes be useful for stearing the tool away from generating certain content.

Guidance weight

Controls how much the model will try to follow the instruction. If it is overdone then the image can get artifacts like over-saturation.

Camera view

Weakly controls what perspective the character should be drawn in. The options are:

  • high top-down: Looking down at approximately a 45-60 degree angle.
  • low top-down: Looking down at approximately a 30-45 degree angle.
  • side: Sidescroller view.

Selection option

Selection option let's the user do either inpainting or control how large the generated character will be.

  • size of character
  • inpainting


Controls how much the resize tool resizes the image. The value 20 is equal to doubling the size.


Controls how true the model stays to the original image.

Style guidance weight

Controls how much the model should try to copy the style of the style image.